Privacy Policy

General Terms

The policies are precisely crafted for the users of Terms like ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ are hereafter referred to the company itself. Terms like ‘customer’, ‘user’ and ‘you’ are subjected to the viewers, customers, and readers or parties involved (in any terms) to the company.

Webnflix respects the privacy of its users and clientele by all means. This policy addresses all the concerns and queries of our users in regards to their personal information and utilisation by the company (Webnflix). We only acquire data of its users in terms of creating and updating the website and the services with an exceptional digital experience upon the client’s requirements.

Webnflix (with this stated terms of privacy policy) hereby, ensures to maintain the privacy of its clients. Moreover, we make sure of having no intention of selling or sharing the customers’ and users’ information and data to any third-party platform. Further details upon third-party concerns is shared separately below.

The representatives may use pseudo names depending on which region they are catering to facilitate and communicate in a better way with our customers as we deal in global market.

In order to make sure the privacy of our valued clients we never store any type of information/data related to our customers neither do we take any card details from the client.

Prime Motive

The main purpose of this declaration is to clarify the concerns and queries as to why Webnflix collects, utilises, and shares the client’s details. It also puts forward the reason on why is it necessary to gather information.

The stated privacy policy can be added, amended, or changed by Webnflix at any time without any prior formal notice. We recommend our users to keep a check on this policy in order to stay updated with any current updates.

Collection of Exclusive Details

Webnflix gathers a variety of information and data from its clientele for the purpose of website designing and development. However, a more detailed breakdown of data and information collection is mentioned below;

Elementary Details:

Business Vendors And Associates:

Usage Of Collected Information And Data

Representing the several reasons and usage of data collection. At Webnflix, the domains of development, design, and Quality Assurance department keenly monitor and manage UI and other KPIs of the site. The users, customers, vendors, business associates, job recruiters may come across updates with regards to website monitoring, maintenance, and management of the ideal website performance and might also collect details in an allotted timeframe.

Keeping the concerns in line, Webnflix collects and stores the user’s info to improvise the overall website experience through enhancing the quality over the official website of Webnflix. The dedicated panel of design and development at Webnflix on creating a fully-fledged website experience for all its users with an up-to-date UI. The process to be more flexible the essential information which is collected by the stored information of the users.

Furthermore, the gathered details may be shared with departments, personnel, and relevant managers of Webnflix. On the contrary, the genuine concern of security, privacy, and confidentiality of the users will be highly respected.

Cookie Policy

Webnflix stores cookies on the website. Cookies functions to collect additional data and information as but not limited to;

Consumer Data Safety Measures

Protecting your privacy is our top-priority. Therefore, we do not share your name and contact details with any third party. Moreover, we keep details provided by you confidential. The information you share are used solely for the purpose to understand your requirements and to enhance our services to suit your needs effectively.

It is hereby to declare that our company does not authorise its representatives to collect any confidential details from our clients i.e. credit card information etc. Similarly, we advise our customer not to share any sensitive nature and confidential information with our employees. However, if you do so; you shall be doing at your own risk and Webnflix shall not be liable for any mishaps or misuse.

Your ordered work may be shared to any of our production or service centers located globally, for the quality delivery. Nonetheless, they are also bound by an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to keep customer’s information highly confidential.

Your Rights

Under GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) you have the following rights which we will always uphold:

If you are willing to exercise any of the above-mentioned rights, you can get in touch with us via email.


In case of further queries or concerns, kindly refer to below-mentioned contact details.

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